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Illuminating the Self at Vane

Illuminating the Self

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‘Illuminating the Self’ responds to ground-breaking research at Newcastle University into a new treatment for epilepsy. The exhibition consists of artworks by Susan Aldworth and Andrew Carnie that explore different aspects of the university’s CANDO (Controlling Abnormal Network Dynamics using Optogenetics) project. Optogenetics is a technique that involves the use of light to control cells in living tissue, typically brain cells, that have been genetically modified to be light-sensitive.

Receiving the Signal at Vane

Receiving the Signal

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Skimstone Arts’ Young Artists Collective (YAC) and the Echo Artists have created artworks in response to the Susan Aldworth and Andrew Carnie’s ‘Illuminating the Self’ exhibition and the significant scientific research into a treatment for epilepsy, that has informed it.

From Spiceworld to Brexit at Vane

From Spiceworld to Brexit

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At a time of ongoing political uncertainty, in ‘From Spiceworld to Brexit’ Jock Mooney revisits his memories of a more optimistic time in the late 1990s, to re-examine them with an older and hopefully wiser eye.

Back Put Together It at Vane

Back Put Together It

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Through their depictions of cut-up, disfigured, deconstructed and reassembled forms, Roland Hicks and Stephen Palmer attempt to make sense of an increasingly fractured world.

Over Ground Uneven at Vane

Over Ground Uneven

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‘Over Ground Uneven’ is a solo exhibition of new work by Charlie Franklin, which addresses the artist’s research and experiences of the landscape and how structures within it can become anchors to determine our sense of place.

Paris can stay in bed at Vane

Paris can stay in bed

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For his fourth solo exhibition at Vane Simon Le Ruez presents a body of work which continues to explore his interests in territory, transparency, fragility and transition, and which takes his fascination with making, colour and material combination to new and unexpected levels.

Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow at Vane


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For his third solo exhibition at Vane Matthew Smith has made a series of rock-like fibreglass sculptures in varying monochrome shades. The sculptures are made from non-recyclable plastic taken from the artist’s household waste.

A Foul and Awesome Display at Vane

A Foul and Awesome Display

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Harris’s paintings depicting nuclear bomb tests are vast and confrontational, depicting moments of manufactured violence that radically disrupt the landscape. In Charlie (2017) each square inch of linen represents 4 tons of TNT – which in turn is the unit of measurement that denotes the yield of the explosion.

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